Allowing the Universe

In 1992, a wonderful magazine was created: The Conscious Voice. This magazine's creators were Carolyn Dial and Murari Brian Healey (who wanted to pursue his wonderful Yoga teachings and career) so I stepped in. Carolyn remained with the magazine as Co-publisher and Editor and we became wonderful friends and a local success.

After Carolyn relocated, she remained listed as Editor Emeritus. It was shortly after that I was gifted with my dear good friend, Vera Martin, who is also an Astrologer as well as a very firm editor.

These two wonderful women will be joining me in this new incarnation of what is lying beyond the original Conscious Voice. We're going to be Allowing The Universe to bring everything anyone who passes these portals wishes, desires and dreams of.

We wish you welcome.. Bekki, Carolyn and Vera from afar...


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