Welcome to Allowing the Universe where all things are possible.

We work to get into alignment to receive the bountiful wonders that we hold in escrow, just waiting for us to raise our vibrations to accept them coming into our lives.

It's all GOOD! It's all WONDER-FILLED and it's all for YOU!


Reiki Master ~ Healer, Reverend Bekki Shanklin

for healings, conversation, meditation and uplifting positive energy establishment




Zachari VanDyne,   Mystic Peace Seeker..

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Jacqui Lalita is a dancer, poet, alchemist, healer, and muse here to reawaken the divine feminine in its infinite forms.

Distilling pure essence of the Goddess, Jacqui's sensuality and radiant love stir the souls desire to commune with Source.

When she dances, spectators viscerally connect to angelic realms and temple priestesses of ancient Egypt.

Her movement is medicine, meditation and a metaphor for living in freedom and celebration.




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