Welcome to Allowing the Universe where all things are possible.

We work to get into alignment to receive the bountiful wonders that we hold in escrow, just waiting for us to raise our vibrations to accept them coming into our lives.

It's all GOOD! It's all WONDER-FILLED and it's all for YOU!


Reiki Master ~ Healer, Reverend Bekki Shanklin

I have exercised the energy of Reiki for decades. The success rate of my distance as well as my close proximity healings feel so wonderful and to hear of the wonders that have transpired fills my heart with excitement and love.

I am an artist, musician, writer, lover of life and joy. Being a devotee of Abraham-Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and so many others, I can help raise your vibrations. Being an avid listener, I'd love to help you enjoy successful problem solving and raising of wonderful positivity in your immediate life.

Having a hard time at work? Need an ear to bounce thoughts off of? I'm here for you. Want to look for that special person to enter and stay in your life? Let's talk.

Please click below to purchase a healing from Reverend Bekki ~ $40.00.

I am available for evenings and weekends for meditation, distance healing and positive vibration-raising conversations.

Conversations, meditation, and listening as a friend ~ $50.00:

Email me and let me know the best time for us to be in contact. I am on Eastern Standard Time. These purchases will show up in your bank account under SOAR Gallery.

Contact Reverend Bekki at: allowingtheuniverse@earthlink.net

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