The little theatre with the BIG shows

The Off Broadway Palm Theatre is located just off the main lobby inside Broadway Palm.  The Off Broadway is a 100-seat theatre with a great view from every seat!  The doors open a half hour prior to showtime for seating. If you chose to have dinner with us, the dining is in a separate dining room


Evenings $49 
Matinees $45
Show Only $29 


The Odd Couple

only here til May 2.. GET THERE SOON!!!





You have GOT to see this off broadway production. But please invest in some astronaut diapers, you will sure need them. To miss this show would be so sad. It totally ROCKS. You will have tears in your eyes. Last night there were some ladies in the front row that were HOWLING, but between the action on stage and the constant laughter in the audience, I”m sure the actors were even more pumped to engage with the audience

The director alone brings smiles to my face. Victor Legarreta is a laugh riot on his own. Working with the cast of total all-stars (as said in his play bill bio), and having watched this show as a kid, really kicked some major buns! Congrats, my friend.


Let's talk about the cast:


Paul Bernier. He is playing Felix Unger. So funny. He and Vic's wife, Kelly have the MOST incredible facial expressions.. NO words need to be said. His comic timing is perfect. I've so enjoyed watching him for years. His profile in the play bill who's who part tells us that he has appeared in over 250 shows over the past 30 years. I truly wish him as many more shows for many, many more years. We can't do without ya, laddie.


Rob Summers. As Oscar Madison had such a physical part to play and he had to get so emotional and his emotions were freakingly funny, interestingly loud but REAL. Such a great performer. Very enjoyable to watch. Thanks, Rob


The Poker Guys:

Eric Cover. He is playing Roy. I'm not as familiar with Eric as the other actor, but he was an integrally wonderful part of this ensemble. From his bio, he's been in Alaska for the past seven summers, and is LOVING this warm weather. To which I say, “uh, yeah...duh!” And fishing? Get ON it, Eric!


Paul Glodfelter: (the tall ne in the cop suit) Always rocks .his role. This production shows him as Murray the cop. Sooo believable. His last role was as Jackie in The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical. Hell of a voice, dude! Rock On!


Jerry Sciarrio, playing Speed. The card game never moved fast enough for him, but he and the rest of the gang are SO believable in their roles. Supportive buds and so amazing to watch. Yay!


(darn, no pic of Rick! apologies) Rick Sebastian. (vinnie) was so funny as the freaking-out friend.. I've had some of those too.. just following me in my wake wringing their hands and wiping their brows.. so great, Rick! This is the first time I've seen Rick, let alone Rick in action. But I really enjoy his part of the ensemble. Perfect, Rick!

And The Ladies:

Marie McCleary: (Gwendolyn Pigeon) as always the consummate “girlie girl' so elegant and F.U.N.N.Y!!! always. To give you some background on Amy, her profile states :When not directing, choreographing or performing, Amy chases her toddler. Check her out at her website:

And last but not in the least.. least:

Katie Pankow, playing Cecily Pigeon.. I LOVE her laugh and actions.. I saw her with a German accent as Gretchen in Boeing Boeing and she delighted then as now. ALWAYS a Great job, Katie!

So, my desire for you is to go see this, eat, swallow and enjoy!!!!