Welcome to Allowing the Universe where all things are possible.

We work to get into alignment to receive the bountiful wonders that we hold in escrow, just waiting for us to raise our vibrations to accept them coming into our lives.

It's all GOOD! It's all WONDER-FILLED and it's all for YOU!


Note from Michael McNamara and AnnMarie Parson‏

AMPM24-7 Inspirational Productions

Michael McNamara and AnnMarie Parson‏


We happily want to announce that our web-site is up and running and we now have 3 cd's for purchase as well as prints from our paintings, photography, mixed media reproductions and anything else we decide to do! :o) 

We are students of Abraham-Hicks available for events as a quantumly inspired duo. Original music and comedy in an improvisational style, looking at ourselves (and YOU) on this "Spiritual Journey" through the eyes of laughter and much love.

We can be contacted thru our site or at info@ampm24-7.com


 "Her vocabulary was as bad as, like, whatever."


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